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Residential And Commercial Appliance Repair

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, Kramer Appliance Repair is your reliable ally for all your appliance repair needs. We understand the significance of prompt and dependable service at an affordable price point.

Our services cater to both residential and commercial clients, spanning various establishments such as restaurants, laundromats, dry cleaners, office buildings, shopping centers, medical offices, and more. Appliances are integral to daily tasks, making them crucial investments. When your appliances require attention, trust Kramer Appliance Repair to deliver top-notch service across the West Coast and beyond.

Reach out to Kramer Appliance Repair today for exceptional service. Contact us to explore our services and schedule a consultation, where we’ll provide detailed information about your repairs and associated costs. We’re available 7 days a week for your convenience and equipped to handle any emergency appliance repair calls.

Dishwasher Repair and Service:

When your dishwasher suddenly breaks down, it leaves you with a pile of dishes to hand wash, turning into more than just an inconvenience. But worry not, Kramer Appliance Repair is here to provide exceptional local dishwasher repair services. Our experienced technicians are swift and willing to guide you through the issue before swiftly resolving it.

Electric Dryer Repair and Service:

Discovering that your electric dryer isn’t heating or encountering other issues can be a major frustration, especially when you’re met with damp laundry from the washer. Even if your dryer appears to be functioning, you may notice increased energy bills or longer drying times. Turn to the trusted experts at Kramer Appliance Repair for electric dryer repair and restoration of its efficiency.

Freezer Repair and Service:

Is your freezer or deep freezer not meeting expectations? Or perhaps it’s time for routine maintenance? Reach out to your local Kramer Appliance Repair to schedule top-notch freezer service. Our team is well-versed in various freezer models, including newer “smart” versions, and is committed to delivering excellent service with transparent pricing.

Refrigerator Repair and Service:

No matter the type of refrigerator you have in your home, our team is well equipped to promptly address any issue. From damaged part repairs to general maintenance, Kramer Appliance Repair handles every aspect of refrigerator service with precision.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement:

Garbage disposals aren’t just convenient; they also help reduce food waste in landfills, benefiting the environment. When your garbage disposal develops a leak, gets clogged, or encounters any other issue, rely on Kramer Appliance Repair for expert garbage disposal repair or replacement.

Gas Dryer Repair and Service:

A malfunctioning dryer, whether gas or electric, can disrupt your daily routine. Even if your gas dryer seems functional but isn’t performing optimally, it could lead to costly issues down the line. At the first sign of trouble with your gas dryer, reach out to the professionals at Kramer Appliance Repair for prompt assistance.

Ice Machine Repair and Service:

You probably depend on your ice machine at home for ice supply, especially when entertaining guests. But what if it suddenly stops producing ice? Turn to Kramer Appliance Repair for swift, convenient, and high-quality local ice machine repair service. Your ice cubes will soon be ready for cold drinks again.

Ice Maker Repair and Service:

When your refrigerator’s ice maker starts acting up, causing interruptions in ice supply, you can rely on Kramer Appliance Repair to provide fast and effective ice maker repair service for long-term reliability. Say goodbye to those ice-less drinks!

Oven Repair and Service:

In any kitchen, the oven, stove, or range often serves as the centerpiece of culinary creations. When your oven or stove experiences malfunctions, it disrupts your cooking routine. Trust the Kramer Appliance Repair technicians in your area to restore your kitchen’s functionality with expert repair services.

Range and Stove Top Repair and Service:

Our skilled technicians are proficient across all major stove and range brands, ensuring swift restoration of your primary kitchen appliances. We also service larger commercial stove tops and ranges.

Trash Compactor Repair and Service:

When your trash compactor requires attention, Kramer Appliance Repair is the name to trust. Our experts diagnose issues accurately and provide appropriate trash compactor repairs.

Vent Hood Repair and Service:

A well-maintained vent hood enhances kitchen comfort by eliminating bad odors and improving ventilation. Turn to Kramer Appliance Repair for expert vent hood repair service, restoring comfort and functionality to your kitchen.

Washing Machine Repair and Service:

Address washer problems promptly to minimize the risk of water damage or further complications. Whether your washing machine isn’t draining, spinning, or turning on, Kramer Appliance Repair offers regular service or emergency repairs to resolve the issue.

Wine Cooler Repair and Service:

A malfunctioning wine refrigerator can detract from the enjoyment of a fine wine-drinking experience. Trust Kramer Appliance Repair for fast wine cooler repairs and routine maintenance, ensuring you’re back to enjoying good wine in no time.

Don’t hesitate any longer – reach out to us today! Our team is available seven days a week to provide assistance with any type of appliance repair you require. Our technicians are prepared to help you. Contact us for more information and to schedule your service.

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